Welcome to Poonam Haria Physiotherapy


We are a practice based in Sandton specialising in orthopaedics, sports rehabilitation, pelvic and women’s health physio.

Our website is here to serve you and share with you information about our team, our services, and our approach.

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive evidence based, holistic treatment and rehabilitation services that are efficient and effective.

Why Choose Us?


Our purpose is to help people reach their optimal level of function.

We offer accessible, individualised treatments based on the latest medical research.

All therapists are qualified and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), & the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP)

Our Services

General Physiotherapy

Pain management

Back and Neck pain

Orthopaedic injuries

Fractures / Dislocations

Post-operative rehab

Sports Physiotherapy

Soft tissue injuries

Ligament injuries

Tendon injuries

Post-operative tendon repair rehab

Injury due to over-use/ training

Pelvic Health and Women’s Health

Bladder and bowel problems

Pregnancy related pains

Breastfeeding and Post-pregnancy

Diastases recti rehab

Sexual health

I've been seeing Poonam for physiotherapy for a number of years now. I'm always impressed by her knowledge and skill, and her commitment to staying at the cutting edge on a range of different treatments for widely differing problem areas, as well as her bedside manner, so much so I have referred a number of family and friends to her. I would highly recommend seeking Poonam's help for any physio and rehab needs you have.

Derek McCarthy

I had been suffering with my neck and shoulder for years until I found Poonam. Within weeks of continuous therapy I started to feel a difference and started to feel function in my arm and shoulder again. I call her a miracle worker. She has an amazing bed side manner and there’s something about her technique that just works! Such a pleasure to go to and results. I was on the brink of considering surgical intervention before I started therapy with Poonam. I am ever so grateful that our paths crossed.

Tamany Mallanna

Poonam has helped me tremendously - going to Physio on a regular basis has changed my life and made me far more physically comfortable. My headaches and neck pains have improved drastically. She is attentive, caring and knowledgeable about my chronic conditions and the effects it has on my body and how she needs to treat me differently because of it. I am incredibly grateful for the care she has given me.

Courtney Appleton

After suffering a grade 2 hamstring tear, all my hopes of a glorious first quarter cycling and running season went out the window taking with it all my pre-season base training fitness and strength. It all seemed futile to keep my bike and running shoes until I walked through the doors of Rivonia Sports Centre and into the capable hands of Poonam Haria. During my sessions, Poonam was always attentive and knowledgeable in her insights and was also patient with me and empathetic to my injury woes. Poonam’s approach to my recovery and rehabilitation included a combination of sonar treatment, myofascial release therapy, needling and take-home strength exercises which, when all combined had me back on my bike and out on the road running again close to my optimal strength within a 4 to 6 week period. It was a complete pleasure to be in Poonam’s capable hands and to receive her personalised and professional attention. If I ever stumble again due to a sports injury or simply need myofascial physiotherapy, I will definitely walk through the doors of Rivonia Sports Centre!

S. Fako