We pride ourselves by offering hands-on manual therapy sessions.

We complement the manual therapy with other treatment modalities including electrotherapy, ultrasound, dry needling, exercise and rehabilitation to enhance your recovery.

Having the right tools to deliver the best care possible aligns with our mission of returning patients to their normal lifestyles quickly and in better shape than they imagined possible. To achieve this, Poonam Haria Physiotherapy has created an environment that is comfortable and caters to the needs of each individual.

Treatment Techniques
  • Manual therapy techniques: joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Neural tissue mobilisation and movement pattern development
  • Posture, muscle imbalance and movement pattern dysfunction correction and retraining
  • Injury-specific exercises for strength, flexibility and dynamic stabilisation
  • Use of rehabilitative equipment
  • Electric stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Moist heat and cold therapy modalities
State of the art equipment
  • Strength and performance equipment
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation equipment
  • Core strength equipment
  • Physical therapy equipment:
  • Ultrasound and electrical stimulation machines
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Thera-balls, Thera-band, medicine balls, foam rollers, dyna-disks, stepping blocks, balance boards, dumbbells, weighted bars, parallel bars
  • Hi-lo tables, adjustable treatment tables
  • Cervical traction
    General Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy managements to help you recover for common aches and pains in the joints, muscles, soft tissue and the spine.

    Pain management

    We use a variety of techniques to help manage your pain. These may include massage, heat, ice, trans electrical neural stimulation (TENS), electrotherapy, ultrasound, myofascial release, dry needling, taping techniques as well as exercise.


    Back and Neck pain

    Back and neck pain can be debilitating and get in the way of your daily life. These pains can be results of abnormal loading patterns or injury to the following structures: intervertebral discs, facet joints, muscles, or ligaments around the spine. After a comprehensive assessment we will be able to diagnose the source of your pain and to best treat you.

    Orthopaedic injuries & Post-operative rehab

    Physiotherapy following both the conservative or surgical management of a fracture, dislocation, or after a joint replacement to help reduce the acute pain and swelling and facilitate your rehabilitation to normal function. Post-operative rehabilitation after ligament repairs like an ACL.

    Sports Injuries

    Whether you are a professional, secondary or tertiary school athlete or a weekend warrior, we will help you achieve your goals. Sports injuries can be debilitating despite their severity because you may have to take a period of rest from what you enjoy doing most. We believe in getting you back in action under a safe but effective timeline.

    Injury can be to your ligaments, tendons, or muscles due to a fall, accident, overuse, or training. These include but are not limited to, golfers’ elbow, runners’ knee, ACL tears, other knee ligament sprains or tears, ankle sprains as well as physiotherapy for post-operative ligament repairs.

    We have experience with managing cyclist and runners especially those that are involved in the annual events of 94.7 Cycle Challenge, Argus, Two oceans and the Comrades Marathon

    We manage all injuries with hand on therapy followed by a specific rehabilitative exercise program to ensure effective recovery and return to sport.

    Pelvic & Women’s Health

    Pelvic floor dysfunction, includes but is not limited to bladder conditions such as urinary incontinence, overactive bladders, painful bladder syndrome, bowel problems like haemorrhoids, pelvic organ prolapses as well as painful intercourse. Not many people are aware that physiotherapy can assist in the management of a number of these and other woman’s health conditions.

    Woman’s health physiotherapy is aimed at helping women through several treatment techniques to improve the function of the pelvic floor, helping them gain more confidence and control. This also include the management of pregnant women and common pains they suffer with. These can include pregnancy related lower back pain, sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction, pubic symphysis pain to name a few. Postpartum difficulties include, weak abdominal strength due to diastases recti, the management of tight and painful scars from episiotomy or caesarean sections as well as common breastfeeding problems like engorgement and cracked nipples.

    Painful intercourse (dyspareunia) is not normal. If you are not able to use a tampon or find it extremely painful to use one; these are common signs that the pelvic floor may be too tight. We can help you. Poonam works alongside Dr. Elna Rudolph and her team at My Sexual Health  to help you with these problems.

    Home Physiotherapy

    We offer certain physiotherapy services at your home if you live within a 7km radius from the practice.  Services are reserved for the elderly or those with physical impairments and limitations that cannot access our rooms. Kindly contact us if you would like to discuss your unique situation.

    Speciality Therapy

    Dry Needling 

    Dry needling is an effective technique used for the treatment of muscular spasm and myofascial pain. It can used in many areas of the body. This is a technique of western medicine and is not a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


    Visceral mobilisation.

    The internal organs (visceral system) has an influence on the muscles, joints, tendons and influence how we experience pain. Gentle mobilisation of the visceral support system can be used as a way of treating musculoskeletal problems effectively.